Beware Of The Ex When You Sext! ; )

My BF lives fifty miles away and has an opposite work schedule so we don’t get to spend as much time together as two horny people should. So I keep things hot, and keep us connected by sexting. It’s usually on a Saturday morning, for some reason I’m so worked up then and really need a good shag but he’s working. I have a high libido and play often and he likes to know what I am up to when I’m ******** down and spreading my legs.

I recently sent him a really steamy raunchy thread of sexts giving him a play by play of me in the tub shaving my **** silky smooth for him in anticipation of him plunging his **** deep inside me the next day. I described how I had one leg hanging over the bath and one up on the wall, how I shaved the mound first and eased on lower using one hand to spread my lips wide to get in every nook and cranny, how I was ever so careful to protect my juicy berry of a **** – stopping to tickle and rub it now and then, how excited I was getting with my nipples popped and dying to be sucked. I texted how I needed to put the phone down for a minute while I rolled over on to my knees so I could spread my *** cheeks and make sure I got nice and tidy around the rim just in case that was his intention.
All the while I was sexting he was texting back eagerly, egging me on, he was getting harder and harder at work trying desperately to hide his bulge from his customers. But when he read how I was spreading my legs wide enough to shave around my ******* he texted to say that he was seeping pre-*** and had to run to the loo to jerk off. I love making my man *** hard while he should be working! The thought of him getting hard over me in public makes me so wet!!

We do this sort of thing all the time, he loved the tub sext too much and saved it on his phone but when he went to drop off his little one with his ex they had an argument and she grabbed his phone and saw the text! (nosey *****) She was furious at him because he didn’t have a lock on it and she was worried her little one might have seen (Fair point! I wasn’t happy with him about that either, but the ex was probably mostly peeved that he is happy and having great sex with me) In true crazy ex style she phoned his elderly mum (What kind of a loser would do that?) and read our tub sexts to her!!! We’re looking at months of damage control now.

Fellow sexters: make sure your man had a passcode on his phone!!!
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Good point. Thanks.

I do a lot od sexting too! It can get very hot and exciting.<br />
I lremember to delete all sexts as we go though!<br />
Good advice for thode who keep their messages though!

Agreed. When sharing the most intimate of texts, one should be careful about who has access to to them and how easy they are to find. Were my kids to read some of the things my wife and I have sent to each other, they'd run away.

good advice for anyone

it does the same for the rest of here reading up on your adventure, ******* off is also our quick relief. thanks for sharing

Great story! I'm dripping too. Next time take pictures while you shave & play.

hmm, okay bowling guy.
Next time I shave this ***** silky smooth I'll take some pics for you and post on my page. I'm afraid smooth as butter right now though so it will be a few days. Check back. ; )

posted those pics of me shaving my ***** for you. ; )

I would love to those pics!