This isn't embarrassing for me as it was the other guy, so I was a senior in high school and this guy who was a junior stated dating. It was nothing special it only lasted a few weeks but he was really cute. When we broke up it was mutual and we sayed kinda friends, but after a month or two he started texting and calling me telling me he wanted me back and I said no because I didn't want to date him again. I had never seen him naked and after I said no a couple times he said will this change your mind and sent a picture of his ****, I still said no. He kept sending them and I kinda led him on, but one night I was at my friends house and he sent another one when I was going to bathroom and my friend sent it to her phone and the next week at school she showed him and scared the **** out of him but didn't ever show anyone else. After that I never got another nude from him ever again.
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LOL, it worked!!