Sister In Law

My wife's sister is an evil, manipulative, selfish, money grabbing, hate filled, ****, who twists everything you say to make it seem like she is the one that is hard done by.
I will not give specific examples in this story, because if anyone who knows me reads it they will know who I am talking about, and therefore who I am.
She has no friends. They have all got bored of her games. This means she wants to spend all her spare time with my wife (her sister) complaining about their mother, who is a lovely lady. Those two are the only people who have any time for her. I reached the end of my teather some years ago and told her exactly what I thought of her. This came back on me. Apparently I was intollerant and aggressive.
Now when she does something that upsets my wife or their mother (which is nearly every time they talk) I'm not allowed to say anything because I could make it worse. I could make her depressed again by telling her where to get off.
So now I have to listen to what the ***** has done now, but I'm not allowed to say anything about it and it's driving me crazy.
I know that this rant makes me look angry, but honestly and seriously she is the only person that brings this out in me, and I hate it. I have never met anyone in my 36 years that I hate, and I'm struggling to deal with it, especially because she seems to be ther all the time. I have spoken to my wife about this at great length and we are getting nowhere.
I am finding it all quite upsetting.
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I would so love to have the magic bullet to solve this conundrum for you, my friend. Perhaps another soul searching discussion with your wife? I realize that the husband's perspective can sometimes be given short shrift in the marriage relationship universe. Fortunately, my wife's sister is a pleasure to be around.