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I Have Had A Few Ep Crushes Come And Go

Not like die hard got to have you now crushes or thinking of you 24/7 crushes but more like crushes on people I admire. Some were sexual some not. There has only been a handful but they came and went. I still admire a few of these people and love having them as friends.

I don't think there is a 'crush' that I would act on. I can't say that for sure but I just have way too many trust issues.
Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 2 Responses Aug 19, 2010

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Wod if there were anyone I would venture to trust in that respect it would be you. :) Thanks my friend.

Trust Its a funny thing isnt it.<br />
To me its like havinf faith, thats not so easy and we trust god right. I try to trust but always try to be causous so I dont get hurt. <br />
I hope you can trust some day My freind, Just know you are loved reguardless, :).