Boy, Do I.

....and he knows who he is. ;)


Initially it all started out as messaging back and forth. I realized I'd look forward to seeing him online and chatting back and forth. This quickly became messaging sessions that lasted until around 5am. It was pretty much then that I realized I might have my first EP crush. At first I wasn't going to let him know, because I was shy and felt a little be honest.

Though I eventually did. The EP messaging went to chatting on messenger....and most recently he's decided to come play World Of Warcraft with me!

He has a great sense of humor, likes good conversation, and he's adorable. :D

*blushsigh* He's awesome.

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

aww thats so awesome! im so excited for you! i remember you telling me about this dreamboat...didnt u say something like, hes the hottest guy you know and u heard hes hung like a clydesdale?