How And Why?

I had this experience too and it's driving me crazy, the not knowing what happened. We met 3 weeks ago and had a wonderful 5 days of intense and sexy communication with each other and then I awoke one morning and everything was gone! Her stories, her comments, our messages....everything! Her husband must have discovered her secret EP account and she had to delete it. Lucky for me I had copied and pasted our conversation that night before I went to bed and have it as a Word Document now. I hope she will find me again as I have very few details to find her but at least she knows that I'm here.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I am happy I don't hide my ep account from my husband...we are open minded and excited to see where ep takes us...sorry u lost your friend on here...


I know!! It's sad when this happens. It could have been the start of something truly amazing. Our conversation via messages here reads like a movie script!

it's amazing how close people can become, even here in cyberspace.