I Remember I Did This Once But I Ll Do It Again...my Ep House...♥

heh yeah ok..... that house must be too expensive...

 room but i'd change some things....

and behind  a yard with roses

but mostly id like to go to a treehouse

i love treehouses...its like 'safeplaces''..

so welcome to my house but treehouse u need to say the magic word to come*

amysangels amysangels
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thanku*<br />

u can make one too heh..<br />

ehehe good ! :)

Oh ....*eyes wide open* .... thank you dear amy :) <br />
<br />
YM YM .......*takes all the carrots and puts them in the mouth*.... *swallows all of them in one time* .... THANKS I AM FULL NOW :)

i saved some for u*give carrots to listenup*<br />

I did jump from the floor to the window hahahaha <br />
<br />
Oh' noisy prince ...he did this for the second time :(

ehehe how did u jump from window?hehe<br />
:)<br />
oh carrots...noisy prince ate most of them:)

thanks Amyyyyyyy :) <br />
<br />
*jumps throw the window into the treehouse* <br />
<br />
sorry I don't use doors lol :p <br />
<br />
*runs to the kitchen , looking for carrots* <br />
<br />
<br />

u are welcome to the treehouse anytime listenup*:)<br />
many hugs*<br />
oh no the river pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehe

I miss the treehouse ... and the river huge hug as well lol :)


I hope you have a guest room. :)

:)i love it too*

CUTE... Love it anna :)

*gets diary and starts writing in*


*holds amy and takes her to the treehouse , opens the room door , puts amy on her bed and cover her by the blanket * ... have nice dream dear amy :)

now im dancing sleepy..zZzzz

hahahaha *dances with amy*

ehehe i fell from my chair hehe <br />
:)<br />
*dances* hehe

NOOO NOOO NOT ME !! ... * the river crash on me* ... Oh ...*Spits a fish from my mouth , and takes off my hat and wring it *... that's what I was afraid of:p

aaaaaaa *running away* i love u river but go hug listenup better!! :)

hahahaha *hugs amy* ...Ohh look out !!!!!! the river is coming so fast to give you a HUUUUUUG(:O

lol listenup hehe....poor listenup and river,poor poor ... :)<br />
hugs listenup and river* :P

okay , I will be talking with the river and I will tell it that you don't like us anymore , the river will be crying after it hear that news loooooooool ..JK :P

ok :P<br />
i ll stay under the treehouse ok.

I am going to sit next to river :p

hehehe :) *shake head*

lol ... it wasn't hahaha .. or it was (:o

oh did u break it?remote control was ok =/

oh , thanks .. it doesn't work it need some Batteries :p ..okay okay you stay and I will go to look for some Batteries lol

what did u say?????????????????oh the remote control..yeah yeah here,take it :)

please , pass the remote I want to change the TV channel lol

*sits on sofa and listens to evanescence*

:) i see heh

lool .. sorry my Internet is too slow and it posts 2 comments in the same time ... I do delete them everytime I see 2 of them lol <br />
<br />

not my fault*not looking at ap's eyes* jhv and noisy prince were hungry<br />
<br />
i think listenup fell asleep on sofa..

idk what u mean max.<br />
<br />
yeah listenup i know now*

*looks at listenup* really?oh ..i didn know :)

lol thanks I like it hahaha :)

no bothering...<br />
u can watch tv ''penguins of madagascar''

I see , sorry if I bothered you , please continue writing ....I will be here *jumps and lay on the sofa* :p

all those for me?<br />
*noisy prince jumps around and eat too*<br />
thanks for salad..<br />
<br />
i was writing in my diary listenup *locks diary and put in a corner*

you are what ??? OPEN THE DOOR I SAID ..HAHAHAHA

what ??? are you sure about that Andrew (:o .... that's very good news actually .... OPEN THE DOOR LOL <br />
<br />

where ? .. Oh , there you are :p ... *jumps towards amy*... lol

*shouts*im not in house,im under the treehouse!!

knock knock ! amy are you here ? <br />
why she doesn't answer !!

*sitting under treehouse,writing in diary*<br />
<br />
-dear diary....<br />
................................<br />

yeah thats one thing i thought i should change in bedroom lena.. !<br />
<br />
*goes to the treehouse and looks out of the small window*

sure lena,go inside:)

treehouse is the best eyeno!ive been lookin at it all day!<br />
yeah of course u can come in*


me too, oh stars are nice....<br />
hey look one fall in the water! heh:)

I want to lay on a chair which is in the first picture and stare at the sky .... so keep that noisy bunny away again .lool. ..jk

oh noisy prince,glad to see u..phew...<br />
<br />
hmm,,u r right listenup..

okay *take off my Hat and picks up the little prince from it* TATTRAAA HAHAHA , see he is smiling and okay , we wanted to scary you :p <br />
<br />
me too , they look like god's heaven on his earth (O_O)

^_- go bring him now!!<br />
<br />
...i really love this story.........love seeing the pictures all time...



listenuppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHERE IS NOISY PRINCE??

Hi , is the noisy prince here , because I haven't seen him while we were playing , so I thought that he might be hiding in somewhere here lol

heh heh...i hearrr uuuu!take care noisy prince!

Okay :) , come on sweet bunny *picks up the bunny* awww you are so sweet , so soft and so annoying x( ...Oh! .... *Innocent smile*

^_- dont lose him,i warnnnnn u!

hahaha , Ummm , okay , can I go with him now *Innocent smile *

hide n seek?hmmm....i ll let u but dont lose him!or else im gonna shout very very loud!

can I play with the little prince hide and seek game Mwahahahahaha :P

hehe no its not-but u get in too without code:)<br />
go to bedroom,no need to ask*

yeah i like it:)

oh..hugs tp*♥

heh tsk:)

hehe ..can u make it ten?heh..

heh :) come in ,come in wall*

*Rushes to the treehouse*<br />
... yaaay :))

yeah duke:)

:) hi eric, glad u like it*

heh :P *amy looks around* did anyone say anything? hehe

can I get some coffee and please keep the little prince away till I finish my coffee ... Oh look at him , look to his strange look , he is mad ay me again .. go go sweet bunny ..... he is chasing me , amy please do something hahaha

hehe see?hey listenup get something to drink, hmm tea maybe heh :) oh and careful ,noisy prince jumps around treehouse

hahaha .... it could be the little prince , okay okay I can get into without the magic word .... thanksssssss .. (gets into amy's treehouse) .. wow it is amazing from inside amy ,and I can see the whole river from this window hahaha

hehe wrong word but u are welcome to the treehouse heh :)

wow , I like it ....(O_O)<br />
I want to get into the treehouses as well , but I don't know the magic word , it could be the same as my cave word ..Open, Simsim (:o ..lol.

hehe :) it is a dream,beautiful dream

really a dream! like all !!want to visit U soon...my fav colors..tree house is spectacular~whooo hooo!! :O)

i like it but also i love the treehouse..

Looks lovely, especially the room and roses