The Bastard

I had one but i ended up quiting. I am not about to take his crap when i only got to work 4 hours a week...

Arorin Arorin
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Send all of them blackspots from They deserve it. You'll remain anonymous but they'll get your message, which will be available online for everybody to see...

Mine was just white trash is all. Mad because life sucks for him. Takes it out on everyone around him, but like i said if they are only going to schedule me for 1 day a week it isn't worth my time to deal with the crap.

I HAD an evil boss, for several years. She was the biggest backstabber! But, when they company decided to cut jobs, they let me go - the most experienced and well liked person on my team! The reason? Because she didn't like me because she couldn't control me. I spoke my mind and refused to bow down to her stupidity. She slept her way to her position and now the company is learning that she doesn't know ****. I never use the "C" word to describe a woman, but her, it fits!