Nut Case!!!

I divorced my ex hubby 4 years ago. My exes family were the cause of our divorce. None of these people knew anything about me. They even supported my ex and his Mistress. No one cared about how this would affect my kids. Anyways..... My crazy ex mom in law now cries me a river about how her son is always broke and is now an alcoholic. She also complains about his now wife the mistress. Then after she stops crying she tells me that I should be glad that her son does not support me. The nut case also said that she feels bad for my exes other kids than mine. Well she is one twisted Biatch!!! Cause my kids suffer emotionally because the dad chooses not to see them and at one point my kids didn't have clothes and medical insurance but yet his new family did. I really hate this lady I don't know what to do with her anymore. I'm remarried and I'm extremely happy. I know it burns her knowing that the kids and I are happy. The psycho also at one point bragged how her son was a responsible father with his other kids. My poor kids nothing I hope he signs his rights so I can get rid of him and his psychotic mom.
shiranaijaku shiranaijaku
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

sorry you had to go through all that,and still dealing with it

Its almost over just one more month till court date. (:0)