My Evil Father

M y name is Lucia and I'm 16 years old. What I'm about to say is shocking but it happens. When i was 10 years old my father started sexually abusing me and he told me not to tell anyone. I didn't say anything for 4 years until i was 14, i told the police what my father had done to me, then a social worker came round to see me and asked me all sorts of different questions, like "in what way did my dad touch me in. I told them that my dad had touched my breast area. It seemed as if they didn't really believe me cause they didn't do nothing about it. I just left it after that cause i loved my dad and i didn't really want him getting into trouble. The abuse then stopped for a long while.


Then soon after i turned 15, my father started sexually abusing me again and having sex with me. I was too scared to tell anyone once it started again. I cared about my father and at the time i felt that i couldn't tell on him. What i failed to realize is that i had to tell someone because no matter how much i loved my father, what he was doing to me was very wrong. After about three months into when the abuse was happening i had discovered that i was pregnant. I was very shocked and confused and didn't know what to do, but then ended up telling my father. He told me that i needed to have an abortion strait away. I went to my doctor and told her that i was pregnant and that i wanted to have and abortion. She asked me if i was sure that i wanted to do that and i was pretty sure at the time. She gave me some papers that had a number and information about an abortion clinic called Marie stopes. I called in and made an appointment with them, but then after a few days i realized that i couldn't go through with the abortion so i cancelled it. I went on with my pregnancy and told the police everything about what my father had done. I now have a beautiful baby boy. The police took some DNA tests from me, my baby and my father and  its come out that my father is the father of my baby.

He's now been arrested and in custody. He's had a court case a few weeks ago but he's denying everything. He's even denying that I'm his daughter. 

If you've been a victim of sexual abuse or any kind of abuse you need to speak out and tell someone that you trust. You do not deserve to suffer like that. And remember never feel ashamed it is not your fault your abuser needs to be punished. Even if its someone  that you care about and you don't want them to get into trouble you still need to speak out. They have done wrong. 

Remember you are a survivor.

lucia98 lucia98
Mar 11, 2009