There's No One Like My Mother In Law

Ever since me & my husband became boy & girl friend my mIL would tell my aunt hiw she thought my aunts daugther was better for her son then years in to being together we wanted to get engaged well he has my family permission we didint have his mother permission she didint want me to get engaged because her neice my boyfriends cuzzin didint have a boyfriend she thought it would make her look I guess old n unwanted so we waited then we got engaged went to visit his family & his mother WASINT there she wouldint come in to congratulat us so we left n went on with our day about two months later I had a bridal shower she said she WASINT comeing but came anyways & she's so fake makekng over my cuzzings n me n my family & then a Lil bit later on she told people my father was in jail he's never been in prison EVER SHE TOLD after we got married I got pregnant then as soon as we told her she told everyone I never got a chance to tell my friend first cause she did for me then I was about 6 months pregnant n my cousin died then my husband cousin died to a week apart so instead of going to her nephew funeral she made up lies about how my husband had been arrested at his funeral witch was not true so I told her off then me & my sister in law gave birth 2 days apart so she told everyone how her baby was sick wich was a lie he was perfectly fine just swallod some Fluid & top everything off she sit & told me & my sister in law how OUR HUSBANDs was on drugs so we flipped our said ur crazy & are husband told her she was wrong now she's saying my husband leavening me tell this to my aunt& sister in law I can honestly say I HATE HER CERY MUCH SHE'S EVIL & twisted Iv probly left alott out but for now that's all I can write
HellMIL06 HellMIL06
Sep 25, 2012