Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop!

   I'm not even sure wear to start. I'm not even married to him yet, we will marry on Oct/16 this year 2010. we have bean in love seance we were in the 8Th grade but never dated till we were 22.  throe all those years his mother and i were VERY CLOSE, i did not have much of a mother of my own so it meant a lot that she spent time w/ me. after we started dating she would tell me how happy she was we were finely together, that she was tired of whiting for it to happen. it was like all was right in the world.

  Then it happened!!! i got pregnant! we were so happy. But she on the other hand was secretly overwhelmingly jellies. she began taking fertility drugs, mind you she was w/ an old man hew had NO interest in having more kids. she decided to tell every one she was pregnant at my baby shower! she started to show sings of contempt for me by singling me out, having family get to gathers and asking that i not be their.

  Bye the way this woman has a 26 year old(my future hubby) a 20 year old, a 18 year old and a 16 year old. after my daughter was born she would deliberately undermine my parental decisions, she would feed my little girl foods that were harmful to her. after her son was born she ask for all HER kids spend more time together and would leave me and me Little girl out of it.

   8 months after our daughters birth i became pregnant w/ twins. this was an extremely high risk pregnancy and EVERYONE new it. my fiance was arrested for some ridicules forgotten unpaid parking ticked. he asked me to call his mom for help to bale him out. that was a huge mistake. she became irate. She came to my house and began screaming at me about how i ruined her life. she began pushing me till i was cornered , she called me every name in the book (INCLUDING THE C WORD) telling me I'm selfish for having more kids and that she didn't wont the two baby boys on the way.

  Well She got her way. at that very moment i began getting sharp pains and started bleeding. she told me to stop being dramatic and left me their bleeding with my little girl and no car to get to the hospital. i lost them that day and her response was "maybe god didn't wont u to have more kid's or maybe you should have kept your self away from stress". at this point I'm trying to do my best to be logical and realize that god has a plan and it was up to god if i had those boys and she Had nothing to do w/ it but in reality all i wont to do is attack!!!

   she is still pulling stunts to make my life more stressful! just the other day she came over and gave my fiance her old engagement ring to give to me seance we still have 1,000$ to pay off on mine. I'm super afraid of what comes next, its an evil pattern or up & down and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop!!!!

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I'm curious...What does your future husband say when his mother acts this way? I am so sorry you lost your twins..I once had a monster in law very similiar to yours..only mine demanded I attend all family functions..Where she could bully me and treat me like trash..( I was expected to wait on the family) She would only say rude things when we were alone...I suffered for 14 long years and finally decided I had had enough..I divorced her son and moved farrrrrrrrrrr away...I can't believe that I allowed myself to be treated like that..I will never ever let it happen again...Please stand up for yourself...Tell her off...