I Am The Real Cinderella

I was born in 1982 to 2 awesome parents. When i turned 4, my word turned upside down. My mom and dad were divorcing, but that did not bother Maria. She was quick to scoop up my day, who was a professional football player at the time. I remember one of the first nights that I met her and her kids. We were in her apartment in Renton, WA, (which is actually nice, NOW). Unfortunately I guess I did something wrong, and she put me in the corner and held a chair to my back. I was only 4 yrs old and had never even been spanked.
Well... My dad married her, and the story between my dad and mom is unreal. (My mom is the best mom ever, and I would not be where I am todsy without her). I am just trying to tell the story about my stepmom right now. I went through years growing up with my 2 step sisters, they could do no wrong. I was always the one at the table to say excuse me and clean up. Then after everyone had left the table, I would hear Maria call "Michelle, what did you do now?" I always knew that it meant that she wanted me to do something and said it was me that did something wrong. This behavior of hers lasted until I was finally able to stand up to her
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But what I'm trying to say is that it sucks having an evil, gold digging (I assume as a professional footy player, your father was well off?) step mother sucks

Ick! At least yours doesn't want to play happy family & show you off to the rest of the region. Not does she give me or my sister any credit for being able to think for ourselves (we've been brainwashed to hate her!)