Math Exam In Six Hours

So I finally completed my summative after working on it for the past week. I feel pretty confident with my work seeing as how I've had to do it completely alone. The story itself is long and complicated to why these past couple of days have been so frustrating in regards to my course but I've FINALLY completed it. However I do have to make an accumulative study sheet to go into the exam with ( I get graded on this as well) and it could take an hour or two. No time for sleep I guess! The worst part of all is how I'm trying to keep my average above 85-90 in all of my courses so I can get my scholarship and this course has been so hard for me that I could jeopardize all the effort and work I've been putting into it. Anyways, we'll see.. back to the study sheet I go. The next 10 hours with rely on coffee, sharpened pencils, my sleepy brain and jumbled numbers. Wish me luck!

alliexo alliexo
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010