Instructions For Exhibitionism

I've had this fantasy:
I go downtown with some guy- maybe it's the first time we meet, maybe it's someone I've known for a while. I am instructed to wear a knee length skirt, stockings that come up over the thigh, and knee-high boots (and shirt, etc). No panties.

The two of us will go to different places- cafes, bookstores, bars, etc. We will enter each place separately but around the same time, so it doesn't look like we are together. The goal is that I have to try to show someone my *****, but my partner gets to pick who it is, and I have to make it look like I don't realize I'm doing it.

So, after we enter the place, and get coffees or start looking at books, or whatever is appropriate, partner will text me and instruct me who my target is. My job is to now strike a position that exposes my ***** to the target, as if by accident, and also to try to get the target to notice me.

Of course, the target might not ever look up at the right time, or he might be polite and look away or move away. I have no idea how this would play out. Not everybody is a perv, and not everyone likes girls, and not everyone who likes girls likes ones that look like me.

Hopefully, I'd be able to get my target's attention, and then I could do things to expose myself even more, but still have it look like an accident.

I suppose it would be easiest at a dive bar, or perhaps a truck stop diner. Maybe, at a dive bar, my partner would make me go into a crowded area of pool tables and give me several targets to show my ***** to. That could get a bit dicey, though.

Perhaps, for one of the targets, I could pretend to be napping or drunk and out of it. If the target did notice, then my partner, pretending he didn't know me, could nudge the guy and say, "Look at that *****! Watch this!" and come over to me and expose me more, or stroke me or lick me or stick a beer bottle a little ways in. Who knows! It would have to be the right sort of place, for that. Perhaps an opera house or symphony hall or filthy, rundown tavern.

For another, in the right situation, I could really expose a lot. Like, pretend to be checking the oil in my car, and bend way over the engine, with my skirt hiked up in the front, so it rises really high in the back, showing the whole region. Perhaps that would be good to do at a gas station, right after going to the busy attendant and asking for help in finding the dipstick. He'd say he had to finish with this customer but then could help me, so I'd go ahead over to my car, and bend over the engine, looking, while I waited for him.

Or, I could ask directions from some construction workers, and then sit down on some steps to look at a map I had in my bag. While I had the map in front of my face, I could spread my legs wide and ask them questions, so they'd still be looking my way. Then I could stand up and spread the map out on the ground and point to the route I thought they meant.

But, those are all cheating a bit. The whole point is to be in some quiet cafe, where nobody is drunk, and it's not dark, and get some tight-lipped business man who's having his morning coffee, to notice my fat ****.
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4 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Yep , fun ,fun gal... I like the way you think...

This we could do, including having dinner at a restaurant as well.

Very sexy images and nice places to accidently expose yourself. I hope I'm around when it happens.

all sweet sexy ideas but id love to see you at a car wash (self-service) maybe wearing short skirt w/sexy panties then after u pull over to dry n clean inside of car. exposing your sexy *** n ***** while im watching i cant take it and walk up to ur car while....