He Get's A Little Jealous

I just starting dating my current boyfriend {Call him Crow}, it's been about 2 months. I love this man you understand, I would do anything I can to make him happy, but some times he gets so jealous.

  My most recent Ex boyfriend {We're call him Decker} and I broke up about 5 months ago. We had been good friends for about 3 and a half years and we still are good friends, to be honest he's been the best friend I've ever had. I could always trust him with anything, when ever I was in trouble he would always be there to help me out.  He helped me out of a bad situation and let me move in with him. We dated for about 4 months before he broke up with me, it was fine because we really didn't fit together as a couple. I lived with him about 2 more weeks before I moved in with my parents. Before I moved out we had been messing around. We were two adults in need of some physical contact, we were both single and enjoyed each others company. But after I moved out we stopped.

  About 2 months ago I found Crow and fell in love, he was amazing or so I thought. At the time he lives in California and I in Arizona, so times can get a little stressful. One night a few weeks ago I was telling Crow that I needed to get my stuff from my friends house (AKA my Ex) and my boyfriend told me he didn't like it at all. I was superprized. The first night I hung out at Deckers appartment Crow told me not message him or call him. This upset me greatly I wanted to talk to my baby and he simple said I couldn't.

  I had to get out the place I'm living now for a few days. I was going to stay at Deckers house, so I call Crow and told him that I needed to get out of the house for a few days and if it would bothered him if I went to Deckers. Well, when Decker picked me up I called my boyfriend and told him that I was going to leave and that I'd call him later. No, he said then I told him I didn't want to go two days without talking to him, thats when he freaked out. He thought that I had ment I wanted to get out of the house and that I would hang out at Deckers house for awhile. He started to freak out and started yelling.' Why are you spending the night at your Ex's house?!' and 'I don't ******* like it at all! How could you do this to me!?' I tried to talk to him but he was upset. I was so hurt with the things he said. 'If you leave me I'll kill the three of us! I swear baby! I can't be %100 sure he won't steal you away! Your MINE!!!' I love Crow but I can't believe he was so angry and vicious. He then told me I couldn't hang out with Decker anymore. It broke my heart.

  I do tattoo's for fun and about a week ago I was doing a tattoo's on my brothers friend. I was taking a break when I called Crow to have a quick talk before I went back to the work. I told him that I was doing a tattoo on a guy and he went quiet for a moment I asked what was wrong. He said nothing and then he asked about the guy, I told him that he was my brothers friend. Crow said that he didn't like the idea of me touching any other guy.(Will finsh later.)

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My grandma often softly told us: "Treat other the way we want to be treated".<br />
Each of us has a good trusty soul that we can tell our feelings. My trusty soul is my grandma. If you like, you can talk to my grandma; she is in the cloud above us in heaven. Please, slowly, tell grandma about how you feel after the story below.<br />
If grandma is here, she may say: Treat your lover the way you want to be treated.<br />
This means: your boyfriend should treat you the way you want to be treated.<br />
To be fair, this also means, you should treat him the way he wants to be treated.<br />
Do you want to be treated the girl in the below story?<br />
A long time ago, there were two lovers that had been together for a few months. He is a handsome promising athlete and she is beautiful with many popular friends. <br />
They are getting a long okay, trying to explore the relationship and getting to know more about each other. Each has many good qualities and some not so good qualities. They know they did not get a perfect lover. He knows she is not an angel and she knows he is not a god. They also know if they keep looking, they may just get another lover like this lover, still not an angel or a god. <br />
That is life. No one is perfect. They had happy moments that they want to have again. They also had hot arguments that afterwards, they were sorry about what they blurted out. Their relationship has hiccups like many other relationships. Money is not so easy so they cannot buy anything they want. When they spend, they have to think if they should buy or not. Free time is not plenty so they do not have much time to bond or learn how to bond. They have had 12 years of education and can do math, can write essays as well as can hold a job. They learned those skills in school and they are smart so they got through the classes easily. <br />
What they did not realize was: they learned very little about how to bond and improving their relationship. They know how to look for a good dress on sale at Nordstrom store but they don’t know how to lower their voices when they fight. They know how to find the latest fashion yet, they are not so sure about how to survive long distance love. So, they just spend time as boyfriend and girlfriend, using whatever skill they had learned so far from talking with friends, watching TV, or teen magazines. They hope to have the relationship last forever and they still spend little time on learning how to fight. They hope they argue fairly and not hurt each other.<br />
One day, her boyfriend had to travel far and needed a place to stay. He wanted to stay in the house of his ex-girlfriend. Currently, he is in love with his current girlfriend, and he is keeping friendship with his ex-girlfriend. This ex-girlfriend is very fond of him that she is picking him up so he can spend a few days at her home, just two of them together. They have a very special friendship that even though they broke up, they still cared about each other. <br />
Maybe the friendship was strong because they had many beautiful memories about the wonderful feelings they got with sex. <br />
Maybe the friendship was strong because they are familiar with each other; they can talk and have jokes together. <br />
Maybe the friendship is strong because they can joke and have good time and most importantly, no argument anymore. <br />
You are the girlfriend that is in another state, five hours away. You cannot see what they do and no one can help you. RING RING RING. He phoned you 30 seconds ago and announced to you that he is going to spend a few days in the home of his ex-girlfriend. Please tell grandma how you feel now…

Yep. Very jealous alright. I understand why you had to run back to your ex. Sounds like a bad sign, but hey, you never know, he might come around. Tell me if and when this happens. I sure would like to know.

It never turned around. I went to live with Crow and found out he was controlling and abusive. The worst mistake I've ever made was leaving AZ to CA for him. THE WORST year of my life.