I Know I'm Not Alone!

I have always been turned on by people's eyes rolling back. Maybe it has to do with my fetish for people passing out, maybe it's because people tend to roll their eyes back when they are overcome with extreme pleasure, but just the sight of someone rolling their eyes back is enough to make me wet. Let me know if it's the same for you!
VfangzV VfangzV
18-21, F
4 Responses May 5, 2012

yes just the same because i think she is knocked out

Try "Erotic eye rolling" in google search ;)

Me too , I'm a friend of darknessarises15 on youtube ,I'm alucardla ...

i feel exactly the same way when a girl rolls her eyes back

me too

yes looks like a knockout very arousing

same here even better when they are crossed eyes because it lokks like a left hook knockout