Yes,i Have An Number Of Them

I'm a bit of a geek,I'm a madcap fanboy and I collect music junk and cultural ephemera,so yeah,I've been known to savour theese.
I've also been pretty fortunate to meet many folks I admire,so here are a few i can recall on my "wall of fame" (without looking,that'd be cheating-anyway,they are mostly in boxes right now...) see if you can discern the ones "ve met vs. the ones I just found at yardsales or whatever...

Loretta Lynn
Jimmy Carter
Walter Cronkite
Steve Miller
Alton Ellis
Mikey Dread
Scientist (Overton Brown)
Adrian Sherwood
Neil"mad professor" Fraiser
Fully Fullwood
Style Scott
Sly Dunbar
Linton Kwesi Johnson
Dennis Bovell
Ari Up
Jon Langford
Sally Timms
Sky Saxon
Carlos Santana
and I was nice enough to give Tom Waits' to my little sister (I told him she wants to marry him,heehee)

I really miss my personally autographed posters of Bo Diddley,Zigaboo Modeliste and Page McConnel,they were stolen along the way-ooh,the nerve!

I do have lots more,I'm sure,including plenty of great authors/artists,but theese spring to mind today.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

superneat,M-wow. that personal touch is very inspiring.<br />
I love habitat for humanity!<br />
this has been a good year for me celebritywise,I collected Dan Akroyd's ...Natacha Atlas,Steve Ignorant (ironically signing the only Crass album he doesn't appear on-plus another from him to my lucky little sister)and a bunch of other cool musicians and authors. I have Walter Cronkite? better sort through my stuff again...

true,I've never met Mr.Carter...yet.<br />
I came across one of his signed 1st editions at a library remainder sale,whoa nellie!<br />
I thought it'd be worth some major bucks,but it turns out that many presidential signatures are done with an "autopen " thing,this one looks like ballpoint,though-so it's got a major coolness factor,I think.<br />
<br />
I almost sold a signed copy of Jerry Brown's autobiography at my yardsale a few weeks ago,oops.But no-one purchased any books,sigh.But I'd pass it on to a good home,no problem.<br />
<br />
I try not to be too materialistic,but I do get exited about being in touch with greatness,gollee gee.<br />
and I don't pester celebrities too much anymore,not like when I was a drunk.<br />
<br />
I have also come across a few fakes...Rod McKuen,Jack London(!!!) and although I was invited to William S. Burroughs' place in Kansas,this sadly never came too pass,so that remains on my wishlist.<br />
<br />
many of the people I mentioned are big names in Reggae music,which has been a major influence on me,I've managed to meet and greet lots of legends in that scene.Like David Roddigan,how could I forget! and world famous drummer Will Calhoun,that was awesome.I'm thrilled to have a personally inscribed Adrian Maxwell Sherwood,he's a genius-he wrote "heart & soul,ON-U sound,97" I fr<x>amed that one,for sure. And Sally Timms from the Mekons drew me a little heart~swoon!<br />
<br />
oh yeah,fantasy artists the Hilderbrand Brothers and good old Michael Franti's scribbles also grace my collection.Now you can see why I mentioned being so grateful to have me some bookshelves!

Wow, that's so cool! I don't even have ONE autograph... but I'm with you on the collecting. To have something that you know is going to be of a lot more value one day is a pretty neat feeling (though collecting in and of itself has proven a worthwhile hobby).<br />
<br />
I don't know most of those people, but I'll take a guess and say you haven't actually met Jimmy Carter...?