No a Hole


In May 2001 I started bleeding and tried to ignore the problem because I was focused on getting my Seniors graduated. I won’t share more details but it was hard to ignore. One nice thing was that I was loosing weight. 2-3 lbs a day and that actually seemed a good thing at the time. 

  In the middle of all this I did schedule an exam the day after the Graduation. 

  The exam went very very bad. The Doctor was concern and then there was a commotion as he said “O’ my God.”  Now this was a truly weird moment for me. Consider that I was wearing a gown with no back. A doctor and two nurses were doing stuff behind me. In fact they had a cable with a light and camera stuck up my you know what. And the Doctor said “O’ my God.” He pointed at a TV set and said “See all those red bumps, they are though out. There is no point in going on with this.”

The exam was in the early morning and he told me he was going to get a surgeon to see as quickly as possible that day because if not I was not going to live much longer. 

  The surgeon said this was urgent and I went off to the hospital.

They removed my large intestine. It was dead. Darn.

They also sew up my A-hole. I might be one but I don’t have one.

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
5 Responses Mar 26, 2009

That means you are more like an angel!

AndrewPenney, you are right, I should feel lucky!...DD

BrotherOfTheLeavZ, I got used to poop in a baggie.<br />
<br />
sorry about Socorro. thats got to hurt the property value...DD

xiaomei, you made me laugh out loud for real. I have my small intestine connected to a disposable plastic bag<br />
that I wear under and to the left of my belly button. I like how candid you are...DD<br />
<br />
Krypton, I got tired is all. I was not digesting food and was malnourished. I lost 20lbs. Ha, if we could shut the intestine off and then turn it back on we would have a great weight loss trick...DD <br />
<br />
For the record, I feel better telling this story. Keeping a secret like this is sometimes a bit depressing

Wow, that is really interesting. So you didn't feel extremely ill, you were able to function?