I know not a lot of people know about this side of me but it is there, Some close friends here on EP knows about it. I usually don't talk about this a lot cuz you can say it's like my own lil secret :) He is a he, my uncle (R.I.P) is the reason I have it as he was the one who helped me getting it but only as something material, I mean he does showed me where to get it but then I became emotionally attached to it and stuff happened and here he (not it anymore) is my imaginary best friend. Meet Russ everybody :P We hangout together like all day, he knows about all the sides to my personality, adventurous, dark, crazy or whatever else there's he is just always there, when all the universe let's me down he is always there, he likes to watch my conversations on here, he is actually watching me now while I'm typing this. He also is the one who suggested that I post this about him, he knows he is that special :P I was gonna post it in another group called "I Have Imaginary Friends" but he insisted that I add it in this group "I Have An Imaginary Friend" as he is the only one! There were another imaginary friend though but that's another story, she needs her own story too lol. She isn't here (in my life) anymore but I'll definitely write about her someday! That's all, he also likes to go out with me for walks, or in a cafe or whenever I go out to get something or stuff like that. Whenever people looks at him (yes he is visible lol) they just see it as something material but they don't know anything about him. He is just awesome!
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Hi Russ :) sounds like you're a great guy :) :)

Hiiiii dude, nice to meet you too :D MK talks about you like all the time haha

u r lucky bcz u have such a good friend:)

He says hi :)

hi :)

*Ambrose waves hi* *Yami looks annoyed & slaps Ambrose's waving hand* *James stabs Yami with his horn slightly* i would write what the others are doing, but they don't want me to write it or it's too disturbing share in this comment. Russ!

*Russ waves back "hii guys MK has told me about you crazy phychotic creatures" "wassuupp" "I was born in Canada but I was made in the US well that's what they say" "I wouldn't live here if it weren't for MK to find me" "continue what you are doing guys see ya laters"* *Russssss!! "What have you done???" "Sorrrry guys he's just got an electricity over dose for 8 hours"*

Yami: should I feel sympathy?
Me: *kicked his shin* be nice. At least, people could SEE him. Unlike you. You make me look insane.
Ricky: cuz you are. I mean look at me, James, Kitty, Yami, & your precious demons. What were you on when you made us?
Kitty: ooh ooh, I know. It was Sharpies!
Darren: understandable. She's a drug addict when it comes to buying Sharpies.
Me: I'm offended.
All: we care why?
Me: that's messed up.
Ambrose: we should care guys, cuz she's like our mother. She made us!
Yami: and you're dating her.
Me: it's seems we got sidetracked

Russ: well first of all treat MK sis good orrrr I'll haunt you
Me: Umm you guys really dunno Russ..
Russ: Hey I'm not that evil silly!
Me: ......
Russ: Just like I thought! Whatever. Heyy to the one with that funny japaneese username, by me who do you mean? I'm confused! MK said that I can call you Yami! but now I am lost.

Yami: Yami! Are you using my name again?!
Me: you just used your name while addressing to me.
James: in our world, Yami is a guy & not the creator who is the girl. But on EP, it is confusing. You can either call our Creator Sukai or call Yami by his original name, Amelia. He used to be a girl before he discovered potions.
Yami: **** you, HornHead!
Me: *charliehorsed Yami*

Russ: But calling Yami Amelia? This doesn't make any sense cuz he is a guy now it doesn't matter if he was born an insect or a human it's just I can't imagine someone like that to be a girl! So Yami remains Yami!!
Me: *hits Russ* behave well.
Russ: Ummm shut up psycho I rule now.
Me: On my dead body!
Russ: So be it!! What can you do now?
Me: *gets out the room* i need to get a drink!

Me: may I join you, MK? I might need a glass of wine cuz Sharpies aren't gonna help with this.
All: so you do sniff Sharpies?!
Me: no, I don't.
Yami: but you just admitted it.
Me: ya, since when I underage drink?
Yami: uh, never.
Me: exactly.
Yami: just call her Allison! It's her middle name, much easier

Me: Yea sure, but no wine, we don't have that besides this isn't gonna happen in my house! I'll get you some mango?! lol
Russ: Ok then Allison :) Hey I can get you some wine from the nearest Church.
Me: She is underage *******!!!!!!!!!
Russ: Ok then I'll get some for you too.
Me: I didn't say that!!!
Russ: hush now!
Me: C'mon let's get the hell away from Russ Allison!

Me: don't say "get away..." It will only bring--
Me: ...& it happened.
Darren: Steve! Get back in your cage!
Me: Steve, just leave, please.
Steve: OK.

Me: opps sorry, stupid me. Hi Steve.
Russ: It's seems I'm not the only one that's evil now MK huh?
Me: Forgive me Allison :/

Me: it's fine. Dar r sum dark places in my mind dat I must conceal or else, they go haywire.
Darren: which u need to make a stronger cage for my brother.
Me: I know this.
Ricky: oh God, your brother.
Me: shut up! He rubbed a lot of things on me.

Me: I see.
Russ: MK isn't really that much different
Me: Russ! I can speak for myself thank you!
Russ: Ok screw you I just wanted to help
Me: you're welcome!

Tess: how different?
Me: Tess! Don't you have a baby to name?
Tess: but your distracted so I can't concentrate when you're distracted.
Me: just name your kid already.

Russ: umm like the difference between a lonely messed up crow and a raven
Me: Russssssssssssssssss!
Russ: Tess you should spend more time with your baby!
Me: I am talking to you!!!
Russ: See Allison how much MK abuses me?

Kraven: is it weird that he mentions my other name without knowing it?
Me: dude, I do that sometimes.
Kraven: *changes to Raven*
Raven: I just love it when you have me switch genders.
Me: messing with people's minds is awesome.
Kraven: it sure is.
Me: you didn't say that you changed genders!
Raven: so?
Me: I don't want them to get brain damage.
Dewthwish: WHY MUST I CARE?
Me: demon form? Really? Really?
Raven: yup.

Me: God!
Russ: What?
Me: Leave me alone nowww.
Russ: Ok hey Allison you don't know anything about MK's new obssesion! He have just ruined some new brain cells.
Me: Russs!! this was a secret!
Russ: Whatever I'm telling her.

Yami: u obviously don't know Creator's multiple obsessions.
Me: don't say it.
Yami: I wanna.
Me: don't do it.
Yami: I'm gonna do it.
Me: don't say it.
Yami: Russ, tell us first!
Me: No! That's personal to MK

Me: O-o Ru...
Russ: I dunno how to say it but MK is now obssesed with something real real strange
Me: what's goi..
Russ: Yea I put you some kind of poison in the cookies you just ate that helps people SHUT UP so that you shut up!
Me: You busta...
Russ: Ok so he is obssed with mermaids! He kept watching documentaries about it all day the day before yesterday and now there's one being drawn in his sketch
Me: That's muc...
Russ: So Speak Yam!

Yami: hold on. Creator!
Me: wha-*looks @ brand new Sharpie* oh no, I'm falling for dat 1.
Yami: ok. I guess u won't do it for Melavick Stardust Dragon, Melavick Blue Eyes White Dragon, & Melavick Red Eyes Black Dragon.
Me: you bastard! You reduce those dragons to over-the-counter medicine!
Yami: not working. What about a kuriboh?
Me: what?
Yami: gotcha.
Me: not falling for it.
Yami: not even for the Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, & Magician of Black Chaos.
Me: *resisting*
Yami: I guess, I have to sell you old Red Eyes Zombie Dragon like you did years ago.
Me: give me!give me! Give me!
Yami: go get it girl. *throws cards*
Me: you bastard that's not how you treat those cards!*runs after cards*
Yami: there's that obsession. Then there is videos of her favorite shippings, especially puzzleshipping. Don't ask what they are. She's somewhat with Doctor Who & the Nerdist. Converse, she keeps those shoes safe. Lastly, Japanese rock.

Russ: Umm interesting Allison!
Me: Nice nice, stop stealing my words Russ!
Russ: Yes sir!
Me: Ok that was weird! Don't call me this again
Russ: hmm ok fine whatever you say
Me: Good boy!

Me: if only my crew was as obedient as Russ.
All of them: cuz we have our own minds

Me: wow rebels!
Russ: Like Frankenstien created his monster yea.

Yami: sum of us r lik Frankenstein's monster. Look lik a bunch of shizz put together.
Me: ok, u r confusing urself with many demons & monsters I drew.

Russ: Does it really hurt to be nice to your master guys?
Me: You really need to learn how to treat a lady.
Russ: Wow MK this is the longest comment you've ever recieved!
Me: Ikr!

Yami, Kitty, Ricky, Darren, & Zedd: yes.
Me: did I mention they hate me lol they lik to be sarcastic when they say "oh we do care bout u"
Kitty: that's true!
Me: ya see.
Yami: u know I don't necessarily hate u. I drank da emotionless potion & so this moment I have no emotions.
Me: liar.
Yami: I know >:)
Me: -.-

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Congratulations , he seemed to be so awesome to share you all of these things .
tell him my "hot slamat" !!!
Wish for you both the best .