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I Really Love All Of Them And They Keep Me Alive :)

Hi ^^ Ehm yes, like the other persons in this group I have imaginary friends too. Especially one in this period stays really close to me because I'm having some troubles with my family, my life and myself.
I love all of them, they're my family, they're my companions, they're the only thing that in this moment keeps me alive.
There are a lot, something like 210 people but only six are really really important and close to me, the other are, uhm, woolly.
The most important is Règan. She's an elf, but for me she's a goddess; she's very very beautiful, she was raped and beaten up when she was a child and for this reason she has a bad temper and she doesn't like anybody. But, for me, she is always here. She is always ready to murmur in my ear to stay calm when I only want to injure myself, to hug me when I'm crying in my bed, to lay her hand on my arm when I'm getting angry with myself. She's... Very important to me and now I'm trying to let her be real even in my world, not only in hers, but she don't want to.
I only want to let her talk with people, I want to talk with people, but every person in this frakking world is... Scared, I guess? I don't understand why anyone can't admit that having a imaginary friends is only a good thing, not a bad one...
Oh well, better stops here.
Thank you for wasting you time with my thoughts, hope even you won't think I'm crazy.

Ah, and sorry if my English is bad, I'm not a “native speaker”...
Eltoras Eltoras 18-21, F 2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

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Considering that you already have a champion, and furthermore, one who is invested in your welfare more than in any attempt to run your life for you, is why I believe you are on the right track.

"She's... Very important to me and now I'm trying to let her be real even in my world, not only in hers, but she don't want to."

^This. This line you wrote is proof that you can find no better a champion than her. Because she loves you, she refuses to take command of your life, and she wants you to lead it. Yep. She's good for you, keep her..! :)

I have imaginary friends as well! I have Freddy Krueger as one of mine though, I know it's weird.