Unseen Guardians.

    Well well, this site's interesting, maybe I'll stay awhile, prehaps I can help and maybe even learn a few things myself. Everyone will have to forgive my less then formal format, I think this way is more "Clear"


To start off, heya guys, name here's Agien, that'll do for now.  It's a pleasure.  I'm 26 , male , extremely happily married, live a good, blessed, productive life, am generally happy go lucky, and am stuck with (not that I'd ever get rid of her)  a completely imaginary but absolutely inseperible friend named "Rose"


  Now I never had an imaginary friend growing up, since third grade, I've had a handful of tryed and true friends, of the real varity, even if we are all a tad odd and mostly geeky. The closest of these friends grew to become the love of my life, we'll call her by her nickname "Wolfy" for the site's sake.  Still holding the title of "Best friend" even as my wife, she is fully aware of /everything/ that I'll talk about here and is very supportive, to the point along the way, even if they can't directly interact, Rose has become her friend too.


  Now, on to Rose, who might I add is inspiring me like she always does to help this come out smoothly.  An odd little creature, canine of a sort, roughly wolflike, size varies, when I need my courage bolstered the most she often leaves her meek 30 pound ish size to sport the visage of something that would send a timber wolf reeling in fear, though never to do anyone harm, and even in that context, a being I'd never fear, we are just far too close.   But back to the usual form that is oh so often sitting beside me dutifully, cracking light hearted jokes and keeping my spirits high.  She is solid white her form is lithe and lanky, her face as expressive as any humans, and her eyes are an unforgetible green.


  I'm not then only one in the family with a guardian. My father's is an old native american man, but unlike me, he fears it, it has never harmed or threatened him, but his mind is merely close to the idea.  I'm begining to suspect my sister is developing one too!  Now on to Rose, my guardian, my muse , my friend, imaginary as she may be.   I first came to know her at 13, but not as a friend yet, just a mysterious pair of green eyes, watching over me, comforting and unfailing, I'd see them often when I'd lay up those long nights waiting to sleep.  It wasn't until I was around 21 she manifested into the creature I know now, I thought my mind had slipped a gear suddenly there was a bazaar talking canine acting as an uninvited advisor in my life, afraid only the first few encounters with her, I then say those green, nameless eyes that had looked over me for so long, and I questioned her no more, with my consent, she introduced herself, as for WHAT she was, she said her guess was as good as mine, but as we were stuck with each other, why fret over it.


  Like the flip of a switch Rose was normal life for me, I told my wonderful open minded wife about her and after some quick triple checking to make sure this wasn't one of my usual pranks, Rose and Wolf hit it off as friend through their common love of teasing me for a good natured laugh.  Now here I am, 26 and still going , We three are the picture of a happy, healthy family, only the family dog is a talking white imaginary muse.  The only hanging point I've found is Rose can only experiance the real world through me , and while I don't care for chocolate, she can't get enough. She inspires me, makes me laugh, scolds me when I'm short with people, insisiting I'm wise enough to smile through any hardship and be an anchor for Wolf, as a strong husband should be.  She's furthered my already iron clad since of loyalty, helped me develope the good in myself and overcome the bad.  And once, even if no one here believes me, she protected me physically from a real world threat, grabbing the reflexes needed to protect myself in a way I never could, I didn't even realise what she has done until Wolf inquired about it later, the action I never could have commanded my body to take.  


 This is to all who still cling to those friends living within, don't be afraid, be rational, if they mean you harm, you will know.  I don't expect anyone to believe this story, and I expect many who have not experianced this to believe I'm mad. But I don't care, as long as I have Wolf watching out for my heart in the real world and Rose keeping it warm from within me, I am whole.

Agian Agian
4 Responses Aug 1, 2009

You are so fortunate to have her as an adult. <br />
MY invisable friend left me stranded. I miss her so very much. And I still hope to have her reenter my life someday. She was my protector. My friend. My confidant.

Congratulations for being able to hold on to your friend. <br />
I was so saddened when I was told @ around 12 by MY FRIEND, that I had out grown her and it was time for her to move on being there was someone else who needed her.<br />
It was a senseless disagreement. But she told me she was leaving at all the begging to get her to come back was lost.<br />
@ 60, I still miss Linda. I wish I could just know she was somewhere still and has found her own happiness. She was always a sad child. And I had the feeling that in her visits with me she had a slight bit of happiness. <br />
Part of me feels she was a guardian angel. Another part has me believing that SHE had an imaginary friend "ME"<br />
If anyone has seen a young shy quiet child of a time period maybe 40's or 50's please get back to me. White, thin with short cropped dark hair. <br />
Her mother I saw once for a few seconds. She was maybe 30 something, slender living in a small adobe style house made of logs...with a flat roof. This house was in an area that had no other buildings or trees. Somewhere in a desert area.<br />
PLEASE I am not insane. My memories of Linda has given me peace. Yet I just need to know she is okay.

ok to behonest i didn't read all of that but if rose brings you joy and peace then thats great i had a friend simon as a 13 yr old kid he started off kool but then he brought his friends and since then i wished i never knew him or created him i would lay in bed with the women i love and hear them to kill her and my kids you seem to have a life i will never know i wish you well and prey you do not hear what i hear

wish I could sense and befriend my guardian..... I have to operate on faith alone.....