Evolved Gods

I'm not sure about the "imaginary" tag - depending on your definition of reality, an entity that exists in your imagination is still real, in some way...anyway, I'm digressing. I still have an "imaginary" friend, or companion - she sort of evolved out of the four personal gods that looked after me when I was younger. Her name is Nasedin (for reasons that are unlikely to become clear any time soon), she is, variously, a small-ish pixie like woman with short, semi-spiked copper/metallic red hair, a fox or a flash of reddish light. She's been a great comfort and companion through the years, and I think I'd really miss her if she ever decided to leave....

vulpageist vulpageist
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1 Response Oct 20, 2009

One has to wonder if she is imaginary or a manifestation of a spirit guide or guardian angel of sorts. Just because she is not a tactile being doesn't mean she's imaginary. I think it's great that you share this.