I Smell Smoke!

I am always the one with my nose in the air saying "what's that smell?" Everyone calls me a bloodhound because I swear I can stiff out anything. Annoying at times but useful as well.

Once when I lived in an apartment, my neighbors balcony caught on fire. I could smell the smoke and it woke me up in the middle of the night. I told my then husband to GET UP and get the kids because something was on fire! So I immediately snatched the phone up, and checked the apartment. Nothing in the apartment. So I go outside. I see smoke rolling in front of the streetlight. I see no fire. So I walk to the front of the apartment. The balcony was in flames! I bang on the neighbor's door while dialing 911 and tell them my neighbor's balcony is on fire. It took me FOREVER to get that guy to the door! The fire was spreading to the door and he finally got the hell up and didn't even SEE it!! I said DUDE?!?!? Your balcony is in flames! GTFO of here!!! So he grabbed stuff and ran out. The fire department was already there in a flash.

Before this, my ex was saying go back to sleep that it was nothing (only because he couldn't smell it). But I think my daughter did; she was then a few months old.


Probably one of the best times I am am grateful for my strong sense of smell!

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2 Responses Dec 22, 2009

Thanks for commenting! It was more dramatic and "entertaining" in person. It seems like just a story here but in real life, it was something else!<br />
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I can smell just about anything. Even inanimate things sometimes. Or maybe it's just another sense. Don't know.<br />
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I can remember several of my questions on my personality test I took at the psych's office asked me about my sense of smell.<br />
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And yes, I totally agree with you. About the spirit world awareness. I think they should be grateful for people that exist with such strong senses. Otherwise, they'd but up **** creek. No paddles.. Only banjos playing. Just sayin' ...

Good for you. I am glade your awarness was susported by "normals". <br />
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We who are "different" and aware of the spirit world are often called crazy by people who have no clue. They think there “reality” is the only true reality…DD