Ghostly Lover

This experience started several years ago, much to my surprise. I was married when this whole ordeal started. I'll admit, I did bring it on myself, saying something out loud that I thought no one else would hear.

I was in the shower one night, home alone thinking how hard it was to live in a sexless marriage. The thought crossed my mind of what it would be like to have a ghostly lover. Since I am a paranormal investigator. Thinking to myself that it wouldn't be cheating, but it would be exciting. So I chuckled at the idea, and quietly said "Yeah right, a ghost for a lover". But as I thought of it more, I made another statement. "If there is a male spirit in this house, you can make love to me anytime you want to". Of course I never put much thought into it for a week or so after that.

Then one night it happened. I was in my room in bed. At this time my ex and I, had our own bedrooms because I had caught him cheating. The first night this happened I was pleasantly surprised. An incubus is a male spirit who usually visits a female at night while she is sleeping, specifically for sex. I woke up feeling somebody on top of me, but no one was visible. This definately was not a dream. When I opened my eyes I felt this being, on me and inside of me. It felt like his penis was at least a foot long. I had the most amazing ****** that night. Needless to say, I didnt encourage him to leave. This happend at least twice a week, then tapered off, so now I never know. But even though I am divorced and have moved, the incubus followed me.

I have been at my computer desk, sitting in my chair, and would feel him entering my body. I don't understand how this is even possible, nor do I care anymore. All I know is that he is wonderful. I never know when he will visit, but when he does, I feel out of this world. I have actually seen I'll just say physical signs that he's present. If anyone needs clarification just ask. He is so gentle, and I do talk to him, when I know he is present. A man has never made me feel that good:)

He does all the things a man can do, just some how better it seems. Sorry guys, cant explain why. I do think I know who this spirit is, and I call him by the name of the guy I am referring to. When I was a teenager, I met a guy who we had a lot in common. I moved away, and never seen him again. The strange thing is, when we bought the house we lived in, we didn't know that this guy had killed himself in that house. So his name was Jimmy, and he will always be special. Only a select few people know of this experience, because so many people wouldn't believe it. So I pretty much keep it to myself.

There are also what are called succubus, that is a female spirit who comes while the male is asleep, specifically for sexual reasons. I have stories about those too, although not personal. I would be happy to answer any quuestions if anyone has any.
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Lucky for you, not all the accounts I have read about are so tender.


You will be getting a msg from me about this. It is VERY interesting.

I'd be glad to tell you more:)

It can be bad, I would never taunt, tease or suggest that the incubus do anything that would bring harm upon me. I nevr invite trouble, and have been lucky in that regard. I know that they can be bad news, knowing that, I am silent when this occurs. Therefore not encouraging anything:)

This is very true kittensoft, but dont just listen to me, do research and find out for yourself, Lol:)

A lot of people have never heard of these entities. Chances are your right:) Lol

@theshiekh...sounds you you know something about this field, thanks for the comment:)

Now we are talking ... laughs <br />
Sweet account of this encounter , thank you for sharing something as intimate ... yes it feels that such spirits can do more than humans for the reason that they do tap into humans subtle energy field and other untouched places (soul, spirit, etc) at times it might even feels overwhelmingly beautiful.

Message me and I'll tell ya:)

Very interesting... But cool !