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Ok so i got my industrail on 8/5/11 and i was so scared ,because i thought it was going to hurt. But one of my cousins had got it and she said it didn't hurt ,so I was like ok. Lets skipp a lil so the women calles my number so i'm in the chair scared out of mine , thats when I ask the women is it going to hurt , her response was " You tell me' lmao. So she gets it all ready then without warning she sticks it in my ear. bottom to top for some ppl the bottom hurts more then the top but it didn't hurt at all. But when she was done it started to burn , my ear was swollen for up too 4 days. The piercing its self didn't hurt but the healing process hurts badd af ! But juss to let you know everyones pain level is dif so..... 1-10 my pain level for this was a 7
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