I Am Down The Bottom

I am full of Inferiority Complex i rank myself the lowest i bring myself down i tell myself ah you suck and i believe what i feed to myself
I know its true because why would i say you are a loser to myself almost everyday??
Or why would everytime i look at my thighs its written loser their that i carved in my skin myself??
Sometimes i do feel up but then something like wipes clean all the good things i thought about myself in my head
and i end up thinking wow how can you think any good about yourself and then i have no answer to that
So thats why when i have a good feeling i prefer to think as that i got lucky its better than feeling superior for few moments and then cussing myself for thinking that
i wasnt always this guy who is inferior to everyone but i changed somehow maybe the realisation of who i am brought this in me whatever but its a part of me now i dont think i can overcome it because its the truth and i accept it :)
apersonlikeme apersonlikeme
18-21, M
May 6, 2012