Inflatable Surprise

You meet this girl when you are out on vacation, and she is perfect. This lady is everything you dreamed of. You get to chatting and she is obviously into you as well. After some time you find yourself with her in your room and you are going to have some really good sexy time. She takes off her shirt and skirt and leans toward you as you lay on the bed. Her gaze averted temporarily she doesn't notice that you saw something out of place. On the side of her hip just below the arch of her panty appears to be an air valve. What do you do? Do you ask her about it? Do you ignore it and have some great sex with a nagging unanswered question? Or do you pull it open at some point whether immediately or at some point during the passion?
ErocPoe ErocPoe
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I'd go for the sex and hopefully while doing so get a chance to make my way down and blow into it. If I chicken out of that I can always ask afterwards. Fingers crossed she encourages me!

Well, I would have to see what happened if I opened it and blew air into it... Though the inflatables in my dreams had their valves/nozzles placed elsewhere.