Ending The Surprise

fictional ending to "inflatable surprise" fantasy. My dream girl and I have just met and after an instant connection earlier in the day are now in bed wearing nothing but our undergarments. She leans in close to me and I notice the air valve on her left hip. I hold my tongue about it but know I wont be able to for long. We kiss deeply embracing each other her on top of me each feeling each other passionately. As we kiss she fondles my hair and I grab her toned ***. I begin to work my way towards her hips and that valve, the idea of which is making me harder then I ever have been. The valve is not nearly as stiff as most and flexes to the touch. My palm goes over it and very slowly moves in a circle rotating it. Still kissing she give a moan and takes her left hand and places it over mine. She leans up and says "not quite yet" and undoes her bra straps. Her breasts are exquisitely shaped and impossibly light and bouncy just like the rest of her body. Rolling over I assume the top position and begin to play more with the nipples on her chest and less with the one on her hip. Fondling, kissing, and sucking on those warm inviting breast are amazing, all the while her shifting herself back in forth and a very responsive way with the occasional nibble on my ear or slap on the ***. We both know what is mounting and separate. I get the condom from my wallet while she removes my boxers. Whilst I put on my rubber I get a very enticing view of her slowly removing her's with a special exaggerating avoidance of the valve located just below her panty line. Beckoning in I oblige and we are one. Definitely the most pleasurable partner I've ever been with, she is very tender and a very responsive love maker. Thrusting into this seemingly magical air filled woman is not the least tiring and right there just inches away from my rock hard member and her elastic bouncy ***** is the plug that is holding in all her hot supporting gasses. Right as I am thinking this and what the results of removing that little stopper would be, would it really deflate her? Would the deflation be complete or is it some sort of implant that would cause her to lose her womanly shape? would she be annoyed or even furious at me for unplugging her while in such a compromising position? Would it be a harmful or enjoyable experience for one or both of us? she begins to ******. She had been a fairly quite love maker up until this point. Her hold body seems to tense up and quiver ever so slightly and in a passionate voice she exclaims " Yes, Yes! Do it! pull it, Yoink my plug and open me up!". I immediately take a firm hold of the plug and start ******* as I pull the plug loose. The valve was not just flexible it had some stretch to it her hip deforming slightly as the plug struggled to hold on for a second. Her pleasure continued from a second ****** with the pulling of the valve her moans mixed in with the fwooshhhssshsfssiss coming from her pelvis. The tension of the first ****** was not present in the first due to the loss of her air but the shaking was greatly increased. At this point I too am ******* furiously. My member's hot and fun bouncy castle of a vag was now colapsing around him. Thrusting was now much less easy without her inflatable bounce back. Each thrust caused the volume of her hissing nozzle to increase momentarily and ruffle the sheets of the bed as the jet of air emanating from her loins passed over them and gave her enough pressure to do quick adjustments before falling back to her deflating state. The visual of her breasts going from those full inviting D cups I was fondling only about 10 or 15 minutes ago to not quite as full Cs back to supple Ds then to loose Bs then to Ds again with my thrusts as the total air remaining dwindled. Of course everything was also losing definition: legs, buttocks, finger, toes, but her face somehow remained just as beautiful and satisfied. Not thirty seconds after I pulled out the plug I was figuratively spent and she quite literally spent. The woman I connected with intellectually in the morning, spent all day with and found great chemistry in, and brought back to my room for the most impossibly perfect sex was undone with one little yank on the hip. I pulled out and composed myself looking at her in this new form and was just as attracted to her as I was this morning. Leaning over I begun to blow air back into her as hot and as passionate as the jet she let loose during our moment of pleasure.
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