Belly Inflation Fetish

ever since i was pregnant, i constantly fantasized about having that big round belly again. i used to watch pregnant **** and try to push my belly out and rub it but obviously wasnt the same, i recently came across Inflation, i never heard of it before nor thought it was possible, and it turned me on so much. i just tried air inflation with a fish pump for the first time yesterday, and it was such an amazing feeling to have a hard tummy again, i rubbed it up and down it was amazing but it was a bit crampy at times, i loved the pressure, my tight belly mmm. but i know im going to have to practice at it more. any tips would be graciously appreciated. i want to get to a point were my belly looks pregnant with out all the cramping, does that go away in time as your insides stretch? or is there a better way to do it. btw im so glad i found the site because i wouldnt be able to post this any where else with out all the critics. and i hvnt been able to talk about this to any one nor my husband i think he'd find it extremely weird.
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I would love to see you with an inflated belly

I see this was posted a long time ago, but I'll respond anyway. As you inflate yourself more times, you should be able to go bigger and bigger. The best way to do it is inflate yourself slowly to give the air time to settle in. If you feel cramps, stop inflating and wait a few minutes until it goes away, then resume inflation. If you feel lasting or intense pain, stop immediately. Good ways to avoid cramps and get bigger include going #2 beforehand or doing water enemas to empty your intestines.

I told my girlfriend I had an inflation fetish she was fine with it she says that if you love someone then you should tell them because people who love each other will understand their needs and a fetish can ruin a relationship and plus a lot of guys get turned on by inflated bellies.

Just remember the 1st rule of inflation: If it hurts even a little bit then STOP. Continuing can lead to severe injury or DEATH. If you experience recctal bleeding then STOP and see a doctor. Inflation is great but always remember to do it SAFELY.

So I tried it for the first time today, it hurt so stopped but i got up to go to the bath room... After I was done I noticed there was a quarter size amount of blood... What should I do? Please hurry I am freaking out.

Well it's been 8 hours since this happened to you. Have you done anything yet? Don't inflate yourself since you may have ruptured something and air getting into other parts of your body can be fatal. The best thing is to see a doctor and find out if there is a rupture or not.

I have tried this on and off over the last 5 years or so. I would suggest that you go slowly, stop when it hurts (as others have said) then start again when the pain subsides, regular practice will give better results with time. I have used a fish tank pump, a small balloon hand pump, and I even tried inflating while using a helium tank (You MUST be extremely careful when using any kind of compressed gas, or you could get hurt) So just find a method that works best for you, and have fun!

You just have to give yourself time you know? It's like yoga or any other stretches, you have to keep at it until your become limber enough to go a little further. A fish-tank pump is pretty good and standard practice, or as standard as you can be heh. You can also try water if you want to be heavier; one of the better ways is if you have one of those carryable shower heads where the sprayer can come off. Take the head off and turn the water on low and enjoy. I don't do it myself but i love to hear of others who do, it's so lovely. Anyway, have fun and keep us posted!

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its not weird, there are lots of people who do it, it creates all sorts of great sensations. i never go so aggressive as to look pregnant, i thought i might do something bad... a fishtank pump? that is a pretty clever idea... <br />
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did you give yourself an enema first? i wonder if that contributes to the cramping?

im so inflated right now. <3