I hear so many people saying their spirit animal is the wolf. Maybe that's true. Probably not. In cultures that believed in spirit animals or an equivalent concept, the spirit of a large predatory animal was EXTREMELY rare, and almost exclusively found in the warrior/noble class. Odds are that no matter how much you like wolves, you're spirit animal is something else. You can have a strong emotional connection with wolves, emulate them, even wish you were one, but that isn't enough to call them you're spirit animal. You don't get to pick your spirit animal, you are born with it or it is given to you by a deity or other powerful spirit.

I search for my spirit animal for several months, almost a year. Finally, I began to see opossums everywhere, including in my dreams and meditations. I don't mean the exotic possums from Australia that can glide from tree to tree or do other astounding things. I mean your common everyday North American Opossum.

This made sense. I already have characteristics similar to opossums. I seek to avoid danger by letting it pass me by, but will fight as dirty and nastily as I can when forced into confrontation. I can eat things that would make other people ill (like that last hotdog at the gas station that's been out way too long), and have a habit of scavenging in junk yards, dumpsters, and empty lots and being able to find something useful or valuable nearly every time. I had always liked opossums before and even considered having one as a pet, but I never thought that they would be my spirit animal. The meditating on the opossum has shown me that sometimes you have to listen to your instincts and not your head, and that things need not be pleasant to the senses in order to be useful or profitable.
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Nov 30, 2012