I Am Obsessed With Mine

I love to play with my belly button. Once I stick a finger in it, I can't stop touching it. I have a shallow innie that I love to look at the inside. When I see someone's innie showing, I just can't stop staring. I get really turned on when someone touches my belly button or even says belly button. It's the only ticklish part of my body.
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6 Responses Nov 8, 2010

I thought I was the only one who had these thoughts. Thank you Spiderprincess, anytime you want.

I have a belly button fetish since I was 13 and still do just gotta say they're irresistible lol I can't even stop playing with mine sometimes but when I see a belly button everything I know just goes away and I get aroused

that is so awesome :) I would love to poke and play with your belly button :D

innies are so erotic. ever since i was 6 i've been fascinated with them. looking at them and talking about them turns me on big time. the best is when i see one when i'm not supposed to. for instance, a woman stretching so that her shirt rides up and then her innie makes a cameo appearance. i try to stare as long as i can without getting noticed :).

It is kind of a unique fetish in that not many people seem to share it, or admit that they do. My boyfriend now is the only one I've ever told about it in person, and I was rolling on x when I finally did. I was like, holy ****, what did I just do? But he didn't make me feel weird, he just started playing with it. Now he plays with it and licks it a ton, and it's awesome. The way he lifts up my shirt and grabs a chunk of flesh around my belly button almost makes me drop to my knees. Sorry your wife isn't as cool about it. I still feel super weird about it with anyone else... especially because I'm always staring at their belly buttons anyway thinking impure thoughts ha ha.

Very sexy, Spider, very sexy. Love a woman who's turned on by belly buttons, hers and others.<br />
A shallow innie? And you look in it. Do you know how erotic that is? I'd love to watch you look at your navel, and have your watch me look into it, examine, appreciate and just love it.

I also have an innie, ive played with it for as long as I remember whenever im alone there is always a finger in it and im constantly grabbing at my stomach around it. I think im addicted to it. Its so warm and ive being playing with it for so long that it's comforting. Im happy that im not the only one. I also love playing with other peoples and licking them.