Amazing Dream...

I had confessed this the other day, but I wanted to post this as a story as well, since it perfectly matches the story....

So I was taking a few-hour-long nap in the middle of the day... I was suddenly at some sort of supermarket, with a group of people, six of us in total. We were taking out cinnamon buns out of their containers, which surprisingly they were already ready to eat, but had to have frosting. We had eight total. I smeared frosting across 4 cinnabons buns that I had set up, with one person in the group watching. We then decided to hide away in the room near the exit. Someone tried walking out of the store with one and got caught by security. Our group celebrated, because apparently the supermarket had a bunch of thieves who frequently showed up to steal food, and we just got one of them.
So one of our group members decided to watch over the cinnamon buns as the rest of us decided to go down a river, which apparently for some weird reason flowed in one direction, circling around the isles... (Yes, the river was INSIDE the store, so you need to kind of think that this was a pretty big store!) So then after halfway through the river, which is the opposite side of the store, our group entered a room there, and so two of the people in the group started back-flipping from the standing position. I looked backed at the other two, and for some odd reason, instinct suddenly drived me to run towards the wall behind the back-flippers and back-flip off the wall, leaving me a bit off-balance when landing, but otherwise alright for the first time trying it. Soon enough I was running around the room like crazy, jumping off the walls and off the couch. I slowed down as I noticed one person in the group, a girl, who seemed to be trying to watch me the whole time I was doing it. I decided to stop on an empty couch, still standing on the seat. She looked at me, I smiled at her, and she smiled back. I suddenly realized who she was, and suddenly I was filled with happiness. She was a long-lost childhood friend from first-grade who I thought I would never see again, and now I got to see her happy because of me for the first time ever... I never wanted to forget this moment... Even now.
Suddenly, the 6th guy in the group, who I realized was Asian with blonde hair, showed up and explained that the others got away with the cinnamon buns, and that he accidentally napped on the job since he was sitting still for too long. It was then I realized I was the only person in the group who was not Asian... So then we decided that we needed to find the nearest exit to get to the front of the store. Me, acting with haste, decided to go to the nearest exit located at the front of the store. As I was about to go, I suddenly realized that if I were to go outside, I could not possibly know what the scenery outside was supposed to look like since I had never been there (yeah, so apparently in my dreams, I know at all times that I create the environment for the dreams, whether realizing it's a dream or not... at this time, I knew for certain that I was dreaming, but I didn't want to leave the dream like this...)... As I stepped outside, I created an environment that made it so that we had to use some hooking tools that let us slide up ropes, each rope being set up by a set of tall poles. We were going uphill, but for some odd reason we were able to slide in the right direction. Eventually we reached some sort of bridge... and at that point I suddenly woke up. What an awkward way to end it all.

Yeah. That was the dream. I would say that this was probably the best dream I've had in a long time... at least the most exciting.
AndrewTee AndrewTee
22-25, M
Mar 14, 2012