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I started this group because I received a cared from pale cowboy announcing today is National Innie belly button day but I couldn't find a group for it so here goes.  I have an innie bellie button and it has always been an innie.  I, did however have an outie belly button when I was pregnant.  It was hideous looking too.  I always tried to push it back in and I was terrified it was going to stay that way.

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7 Responses May 15, 2008

Heheh that's cute :)

LOL There's a special day to celebrate Innie Belly Buttons? They'll do anything to sell greeting cards.<br />
<br />
That would be scary to become an outie during pregnancy. How long after did it shrink and go back to an innie?

It took awhile... it seems a few months.


There is nothing wrong with outies as far as I'm concerned. I love em just as much as innies! lol <br />
Is May 15th really National Innie Belly Button Day? Officially? That's very cool if it is.<br />
Thank you, Fungirlmmm for starting this group btw!

Thanks Marcus... I love to have fun and this was a fun experience.

It was nasty girl. That was the one thing I couldnt stand. The stretch mark didnt bother me, the tightness in all parts of my body I took in stride but when my innie became an outie I was grossed out by that. LOL I loved the pic btw.

LOL... well I hope you like the pic I added. I too am a fellow innie but when I get prego it didn't change... oh i did worry that it would pop out like my friends and planned on putting a bandaid on it if so... woman can be so silly sometimes.