Its Great.. I Guess.

I love my belly button, its in, narrow, and shallow.. Perfect for a belly button ring!
Which I really want so bad!
Im happy its shallow because I dont get dirt or anything else other people get trapped in there, lolol.
Im funnyy.. Wanna chat?
(If you wanna see, you can watch a video I made for a friend..
GettingOverShit GettingOverShit
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8 Responses Jul 29, 2012

hi ! cute video nice dance beautiful smile cute belly button . you're adorable ! keep havig fun ! that's what life is about ! :-)


hi ! welcome ! :-)

Sounds like that could hurt like a lot :(

I just watched your video on You Tube as you have a great navel and a great tummy too. :)

would love to chatt with you

I have two belly buttons now an innie and an outie. Thats what I told a kid one time when he noticed the hole in my throat from my tracheotomy.


I love belly button rings. Im told they have a high rate of rejection tho so be careful. I tried three times and it rejected every time... :(

Awh, I hope when I get mine it will be okay.

Mmm ;) i have a belly ring, but i love that yours is shallow.

sounds cute :) u should put a pic up :D

I did.