Navel Flower

This is a fictional fantasy story.

Sweety, a beautiful girl in her 20s who loves to wear low rise jeans. She is also obsessed in showcasing her deep navel. She loves it when guys at her college stare at her navel.

One day Sweety was late for college and it was exam day. So when she reached the college gate, she started running on the corridor to reach her exam hall. At the last turn near her exam hall, she didn’t notice a painter on a ladder was painting and decorating the walls with flowers etc., for a function to be held next week. She came so fast she didn’t notice it and dashed straight into the ladder and fell flat on her back. The painter balance the ladder by holding onto the wall. Some of the items fell down. In which the glue bottle spilled into her deep innie navel

and one of the artificial flowers got stuck to it.

When Sweety got up, she was shocked to see a flower stuck in her navel. The painter tried to pull it off but the glue was fully spread into her tender navel that it was not possible. Sweety in her exam tension, left and ran to her hall. The invigilating faculty and the students were stunned to see her Navel Flower.

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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Love this. I bet it would feel great in real life to have glue in your navel.

Fun story. The girl in the red top and denim skirt is gorgeous.