Bellybuttons Are Freaky Anyway

I wonder if there are some people who are a bit inbetween and have a slight 'outtie' belly button but is still slightly inwards, but not 'in' in like innie bellybuttons???? (have i lost everyone now? lol) I wonder if there are theories to bellybuttons like 'innies' people tend to be more intelligent than 'outties' people? (like left handed people are meant to be smarter than right handed).

I don't like them anwyay, they're freaky and 'innie' bellybuttons gather a lot of dust and smell a bit if u can't dig deep and clean. I've covered mine with a bellybutton piercing at the top and bottom so you can't see the hole. Looks much nicer.

SammyCymru SammyCymru
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5 Responses Mar 27, 2009

You have a shallow innie with an in-between or outie centre. And for all the innie types out there, push your flannel, finger or whatever laden with soap and wash your navel out, as one biology department I am familiar with have found up to 17 different bacterial organisms creating their own little biome in there.

I have an innie I can pop it out

It's strange but if I sit a certain way, you will see that I kind of have and inbetweenie/slight outie but still considered to be an innie. When I stand up, I clearly have an innie. Weird, but kind of fun. I have a bellybutton fetish.

Haha! So true! They should have Bellybutton Buds to do that. Ooohh.... me thinks i have a new invention that could make one lots of money...

haha not silly... just deep thinking....