Ok, I Have To Write A Story About This...

Yep, I have an innie. I like it, a lot. Way more than one person should like their own belly button.

 It's pretty for a belly button, a vertical oval that goes in rather deep. There is a small freckle above it, and yes, it is pierced. I change the ring to fit my mood, but my favorite is one my sister gave to me. She of course was the one to pierce it,

A.) Because I am not willing to pay money for a piercing, and

B.) She has done all of my piercings.

I was surprised that it didn't hurt too much. A lot of people claim it is one of their most painful piercings, but nope, not with me. Getting my nose done a few years back hurt WAY more. With my belly button, there was only a slight pinch, and that was it. Though, she did have to pierce it twice, because she couldn't grab enough skin with the clamps while I was lying flat on the floor. That wasn't too fun. And, I bit a towel (I was expecting the worst). But no, it didn't hurt. And the ring she gave me is beautiful, a silver spider with a blue diamond dangling from its abdomen.

So, yeah, I like my belly button. Just thought I'd let the world know :)  

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

If I show my large, funky navel, I think EVERYONE else should show theirs too! lol!<br />
Cool story tho!

Time to post a pic of your belly button so we all can drool over it.