Idk? It's So Hard To Explain, And It's So Foreign.

Has anyone heard of the boy that his parents found out his body was reincarnated from a war vet who died or something? Well idk if I'm just tricking myself but something feels different about me. Like you'd think your consistence would relate to your personality? Well on several occasions I feel like its not even my life. My body. But on plenty of occasions I've felt the extremely strong feeling saying "This isn't your life" over and over again in my mind. Other occasions my name wouldn't feel like mine. Like I'd think of my name, and then im like "that's not my name?" and then I'd have to run to a mirror and I would stare at myself and I'm like "this isn't my body" "whose body is this?!" "who am I?!" It happens in quick like minute flashes and my body and everything I would know feels completely alienated. But some days when I'd try to do something not in my 'average day' I'd be like "Nah. I've already lived my life." and I would feel the sense of lived a full, long, life, and I already did all the things people do in life like go to college, get a job, drive, get married, and had kids. Its so crazy and its such a confusing topic so I just try to not worry myself too much. I think I might just be going crazy, but it makes me wonder what if?
electricbluecat7 electricbluecat7
13-15, F
Dec 9, 2012