Extra-careful When Using It

Firstly, i believe that internet has increased our life quality by allowing us to recieve a wide array of knowledge and information. When it is not harnessed carefully however, it may backfires. In fact, i have let my time devoured by my cravings for internet. Eventough, i use the internet to absorb the information that i need, most of the time i am browsing a bunch of useless information for instance:
  • Youtube, watching my favourite anime and films and hearing my choice of music
  • Mangafox,reading my preffered manga
  • Gamespot, examining all the interesting game
  • Looneyfun or avalanchers, Just all the "nice to know" information you need to waste a huge portion of your time
  • Datingskillsreview, I don't need a girl until i have finished my main business
  • Femaleorgasmrevealed, Only browse sex-related information when i have married
From this point on, i wanted to stop absorbing nice-to-know information and i-might-use-this information. I have decided that i am going to absorb only useful and vital information.
spinningtime7 spinningtime7
22-25, M
Jan 28, 2012