Crushing Over 50

Sometimes you never grow out of having crushes, Internet or otherwise.

This year, I started hanging out on Twitter with a bunch of people, all of us fans of the same sports team. One of them is actually a former athlete who works for the team; I remember when he was playing and I had a crush on him at the time. Well, we've been chatting along with other folks (safety in numbers, I suppose) and my crush returned with a vengeance. Doubt that anything will every happen, mainly because we're both married, but I still like him...a lot. Actually got to meet him last week (he was making a local appearance), and if anything my crush is even bigger now. He's super tall, and very handsome for an older gentleman; they say that men with grey hair are distinguished, while women with grey hair are just old, and the former is definitely true in his case (I'm lucky not to have much grey yet, but I'm overdue for re-blonding.)

Having some issues in my marriage isn't helping matters; we've been under a lot of stress due to family issues, and I wonder how long we'll be able to stand the strain -- we're actually more like roommates than husband/wife. I've been doing a lot of fantasizing though...along with wondering what I would do if those fantasies actually became reality.

tobylynn tobylynn
51-55, F
Sep 24, 2012