Coping With Invisible Illness In Myself And Family Members

I've struggled with depression for about 3 years.  I guess I was surprised to realize that unless whatever you have is clearly visible, it's not that real or valid to people.

Both my sons have various "invisible" illness conditions and what I've found is that unless people have the same things, they simply cannot relate and if they can't visibly see it, they are very unlikely to have any empathy for you or offer any support.

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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Very, very true. I have bipolar disorder and ADD and I totally know what you are talking about. amen to that!

Laura - Actually, it was more like 5+ years ago that the depression started - it's just been 3 yrs. since being on meds. I definitely need the meds! <br />
<br />
Anyway, as for what caused the depression, that is a very very long story, or more like a series of very long stories that I haven't written about yet. And I haven't decided which stories to include here yet. But yes it was definitely a series of unfortunate events...

These are all great points! Thank you!

get onto yoga and meditation every day stick to it and feel a new life. make sure its a family thing. no excuses just do this.