Fibromyalgia + Depression

There are days where I wonder if there is anyone out there? I know there is but you see I can;t make it out of bed today and I feel so very alone.It`s been just 2 days that my husband has been away and he is home with me in the evening so why do I feel this way?
My banlance is so bad today and when I get up to let the dogs out for a pee I have to hold on to things in the house .
So I guess it`s a stay in bed day for me and my loving dog Daisy who has cancer,we make a lovely pair her and I ,that is she has cancer and I have Fibromyalgia.
Now don`t get me wrong here I do have a Husband, 2 children,2 dogs. But the family I grew up with! Well you could say they have all abandoned me.
And as for friends I have lost contact with them through the years. While I was growing up my parents would separate and get back together over and over again.So needless to say that meant I lived in alot of different placees but always came back to the old home stead.
I still have never found a girl friend that anyone would say is best,my mother would always pick holes in them all and tell me she forbid me to hang around this friend and that friend. She would say ``true friends don`t treat you like that``. So I grew up very lonely for that sertain type of girl friend that I could share all things in life with. You know the stuf like ``The joys of motherhood``  I do share alot with my husband and I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOO very much. It still would be so nice to have a best girl friend whom I could confide in.
Anyways it seems as though I am getting alot out today and I shall leave you all to a grand day! Cheers ,Have a good one all smiley
libralou63 libralou63
46-50, F
Aug 6, 2010