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Just got mine today. My mum bought an iPhone 3GS. She wanted to buy the iPhone 4, but micro-sims aren't available in my country. So, she bought the 3GS and gave me her old 2G. I don't mind. I don't like iPhones anyway, and I took it cuz it's way better than my old chinese cell phone that my dad temporarily gave to me.
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6 Responses Jul 23, 2010

Yeah, but it doesn't have a usb/cd drive, it can't multitask, and its functions as a laptop are very limited. =/ It's like an overlarge iPhone without the 'phoning' capability. <br />
<br />
Atleast it looks pretty. lol.

Omg, iPad sucks so bad. My mom wanted to buy it, but I discouraged her. It doesn't do ANYTHING. What's the point in buying it?? -_-

That's for the iPhone 4. Mine's a 2G and my mom's one is a 3GS.

Well let us know how it works out. I heard that these 2 antennas at the top of the phone sometimes interact and without the cover to prevent this you'll have dropped calls. Apple's giving away those covers for free due to this glitch. Have you had this problems yet?

i know right. lol.

those damn chinese n there stuff that doesnt work right lol