Between 142 and 187 Depending the Test

High IQ doesn't mean squat in today society.

I realized that the "smarter" you are...the more isolated you are and even sometimes, the more "underachieving" you're also labeled as people close to you always place extreme expectations on you.

Beside; to get the great great is NOT how good or smart you really are that counts; it is WHO you know, how well you can "BS" in interview, and how many people are you ready to step on to achieve your goal.

sad but that's life folks!


(BTW: check the stats: how many people with IQ superior to 145 are millionaires?:  NONE.) {B.gates do not have 145...)





(LOL! and as for reply to people using sarcasm or "bitching"  to "look" intelligent: English not first language, so bite me!)

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Perhaps those of us who are not wealthy in money know something that those who are do not know. There is another kind of wealth, and it pays much higher returns.

My IQ is 142 with a grade average of 3.98 for my Bachelors. I never studied in school through high school, my grades were bad but enough to have me graduate. I am a 52 year old woman who all my life because I was attractive people treated me like a bimbo at every job I had I could not get ahead because of my integrity in that I did not want to have sex with anyone, I thought it was ba<x>sed on merit, seemed to be with others. I was always a hard worker and could do the work of three or four people. My last job with the US government put me over the edge because I was being sexually harassed this time by a female, I was bullied so bad because if she wasn't trying to get me to bed with her she was trying to get me fired. I had to go out on disability for I lost my mind. I have a lawsuit pending and they prolonged it five years so they thought I would die or give up. I almost killed myself over this but I am hanging on by a thread.Both women and men have bullied me in every job and all I wanted was to work and be financially independent but no one wanted that for me. I realize God has another plan for me I have no idea because I am a wreck now but I hope I will no soon. I know people hated me not because I was attractive it was because I was kind and intelligent and it always seemed threatening which is so sad and I was never aggressive or bitchy enough to stand up for myself. I guess being humble doesn't pay, I ended being the one getting hurt, however they finally fired her in 2010, so I did get justice somehow.

I have an IQ between 175 and 190 and I agree with you. It does not mean a damn thing to the world, and as you say, it will not get you anywhere in life except the bottom of the ladder at work. I am smart, but I am not willing to "step on other" to achieve my goals. Therefore, I stay at the bottom and make the least amount of money. One of these days I am going to give in and accept that invitation to join mensa just to see how other intellectuals like us succeed.

Yup smartness means nothing i know that cus most people i know or around me treat me like im dumb, an im smart but it dont matter tho. Anyway just saying ur somewhat right but not exactly right... Yet who u know is true.But the people i want to see me dont see me so im invisible to the WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEEL SAD ABOUT IT BUT ITS MY STUPID LIFE WHICH I TRY TO CHANGE; AN YA MAYB IT WILL BE BETTER AND MAYB IT WONT BUT ... NOT SURE OF ANYTHING ANYMORE !!!!!!!!

Dude, you're right: the IQ is not the standard when it comes to work, it's the work ethics: even the idiots of the world who work hard are better then the geniuses who do squat all.<br />
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For me, IQ is just another number for me, I don't base myself on it. I only made this group 'cause I didn't really know what else to do in a website that looks just like every other one.<br />
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And you are also right on an other reason: the higher your intelligence, the harder it is to get friends. Hell, I have no f*cking friends 'cause of it, partly that every student in my school are raging idiots and [smoke too much pot][drink too much][do hallucinogenic drugs].<br />
<br />
Also, when it comes to pot, I keep it minimal. That is, about 1 doobie per month (everyone else smokes a doobie every hour... and there stupid... not a joke!).<br />
<br />
If you keep your drugs under proportion, you'd be doing a lot better in the long run! (I don't drink (can't stand the feeling/taste of alcohol, plus alcohol DOES kill your brain cells, unlike (a reasonable amount of) pot), or psychoactive drugs besides pot).<br />
<br />
Did you know, drug induced hallucinations are the physical effects the user experiences as they lose brain cells, and their chemical balance in their brain is (possibly permanently) altered? ...Ultimately, hallucinogenic drugs = dead brain cells. Pot is not a hallucinogenic drug, but it is psychoactive, as it triggers your brain to generate dopamine, which in the long run screws up your memory, as dopamine's function is both emotional, and used when storing and retrieving memory (I'm going to do a study soon on that very thing, see if it is true or not).<br />
<br />
Rereading the last paragraph, I'm actually thinking on stopping smoking pot altogether... Plus, I think my body is starting to get an allergic reaction to it, 'cause my heart races up to 180-200 bpm (beats per minute) when I smoke the herb! (I've ruled out anxiety, and when I'm sober my heart is normal, even under heavy (weightlifting, fast snow shoveling (yea, it's heavy some times!)) work, were my heart averages at 120 bpm. For reference, my maximum heart rate is 203!<br />
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So for the hour and a half high, I get an overexcited heart (that could say "I'm done" any time, which means my death, which is f*cking serious!), and memory issues that I have to retrain right after. You know, I think I'm done smoking it. ...Now where are my smokes? (lmao just kidding!)<br />
<br />
On another related note, pot does not 'change' my thoughts to become 'stupid thoughts', contrarily to popular belief (which I never listen to, 'cause it's usually BS), although it will try to 'push' my mind to the subconscious state, where my cognitive skills are not functioning (cognitive functions require attention, which requires the conscious mind), and my imagination rules. You should see some of my art that I made when I was stoned! Although I cannot learn new drawing techniques when I'm stoned, I can apply skills I already know. Soon, I'm going to scan all my work and upload it at One of these months, anyways!<br />
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Well, I think I've ranted enough, peace out dudes!<br />
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(Yes, my mind is very contradictional. This is -one- of my decision-making ways, among many others)

Oh you genius you!!!!