My IQ was tested by a psychologist last year, but all I was told is that my IQ is "above average"... without ever being given an exact number (or any number for that fact lol). I was too scared to ask for it because I have extreme social phobia/anxiety & it's hard for me to speak up in situations. Anyway, because of that, all I have to go on are online tests, which aren't necessarily accurate. I've gotten scores as low as 118 & as high as 136. I seriously doubt my IQ is 136 lol, but that would be awesome & I sort-of claim it even though I doubt it's true, which is why I joined this group & wrote this story .

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Cool :) By now it's eve higher because people's IQ's tend to increase with age & knowledge.

My I.Q not BSing is 147. My shrink tested me as a kid.

It sometimes can.

"Smart" doesn't mean "nice and interesting".

Try finding the MENSA organization near your home. They're all over the world. You'll get a real test, if you score high enough, you can become a member. I think they have member meetings and so on. You could find intelligent people there. If you have social anxiety that might be a good idea, since intelligent people are much nicer then the average XD Unless you're afraid of talking to them cause they're all so smart XD