Then And Now

I was'nt able to be measured accurately on the WAIS. The categorical tests go from least to most difficult and if you can't answer the least difficult you can't make it to the most difficult. For instance in math, I can't do basic subtraction, division or algebra. On the other hand, I can solve a physics equation simply by looking at it. I have no memory of names and dates of notably historical scientists, but I can explain how their inventions/discoveries work.

I did'nt want to know my IQ but the psychologist was eager to tell me and unthinking on my next visit handed me the results. When I realized what it was, I quickly handed it back, but I had seen the two top scores. Abstarct thinking was 178. Vocabulary was 176. She did explain though that I was unmeasurable on a few of the categories due to the way the tests progressed and were scored. Evidently I don't think the way other people do. I knew that LOL She said at the very least I was firmly in the Superior category. I liked it when they used the word "genius". it's not as pretentious as 'superior". I'm seriously on the downslope of the Bell curve and don't mix well with society in general.

Since then , I've had two bouts of brain damage that have robbed me of several abilities, memory, and altered my thinking patterns. I'd say I'm in the " above average" category now, but I'm claiming my place amongst you still thriving brainiacs ;o)
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If I believed voting were real, which I don't, but if I did, I'd say IQ is very important. Average IQ being 100 and having known a person with an exactly 100 IQ....the thought of majority vote scares the bejesus out of me. People who are placed in "authority" with 110 and below IQ's scare me in general. My finace works in both the wind and oil industries and the general IQ's of the workers and supervisors and managers is shockingly low. Most accidents in these industires are due to stupidity.<br />
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ok, so I may be an intellectual elitest ****, but i really do think we should work on an all encompassing IQ test which would designate people able to vote, and people able to work in certain fields. Do I see the inherant danger in this ? Yes. I also see the world as it IS which if left to go on, will destroy us. It would be a tough choice, not that it would ever happen to be a choice. Currently, money and family linage dictate the world. If we were geared to IQ instead, at least every social class would have a fighting chance at representation in all aspects of societal life.

Consume, reproduce, obey... FNORD!

Most of our children genius' are put on Ritalin and the like nowadays. We can't have "different" kinds of children in class now can we ? It would disrupt the rest of them and force them to think. I have a friend with a 180 IQ. She was put of Ritalin and a couple of other drugs as a child and stuck in front of the tv set to drool. She can now tell you every actor, driector, producer etc... of every tv show she watched as well as knowing the entire scripts by heart. How is that for a waste of genius ?<br />
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Thinking is'nt good Formerly. it makes us more difficult to control. If we can blend with the mediocrity, we have a chance at life, unfortunately, I never could. It was always like swimming in a sea of surreality for me and i'd get angry. Even had I not become chronically ill, I don't think I would have lasted much longer in mainstream society. <br />
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I'm going to take a minute her to note, after the brain damage, I have a probelm with writing/typing. I often write words sideways, backwards, miss entire words and even sentences, and my spelling ability...that is one of the things i lost and I'm slowly working on it but I just don't retain things anymore so please forgive my writing fopas.

Welcome to the ever-shrinking demographic. Most intelligent people now are either to damned lazy to think for themselves, or pretend to be stupid to fit in (and with enough practice, it stops being a pretense). Those of us that are left are dismissed by the mediocre herd as crazy.