My School Calls Me 'gifted And Talented'.

In the real world, I push doors that say pull, I misread situations, I do stupid things. I'm the same as everyone else. In class, I'm easily bored, I'm either asleep, doodling or listening to music. I never seem to pay attention but pass every test with flying colours, always getting the highest or occasionally the second to highest mark in my year. I outsmart the teachers, I backchat, I'm a pain in the butt. Everyone knows my name and my results but I don't brag. I don't approve of it. I help others when they're struggling, it keeps me awake during class sometimes. I'm no genius, I just have a good memory and think too fast.
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One of your comments reminded me of a coffee mug I with a cartoon image of a kid at a door. The sign out front says, "Midvale School For The Gifted." On the door it says "Pull" and the kid is trying to push. That's me all over.. lol

@Cat,<br />
Hi. Welcome to the real world. :0) Bright folks make mistakes - both social and technical. Well most technical things come out right. <br />
First high school is awkward. Enjoy it!! It can be restrictive but its a a simpler time of life. Sine you will only get this year once enjoy it! <br />
Yes it seems better to excel in foot ball as a guy, cheer leader as a girl but that changes later. <br />
For now - find what you like and go for it. <br />
There is a book - "All Cats Have Aspbergers" It goes over such things as "lack of fear when others seem timid" "Doing other things than what the group does" "Not getting the intended meaning of some words" for we see the world logically. Functionaly. I'm not saying you have any of this but do want you to know about the book. <br />
<br />
Best whishes. <br />

I had that book xD but I lost it :(

I wouldn't stress out about it unless it is causing you distress. Lots of people who are highly intelligent are scatterbrains and daydreamers.<br />
<br />
If it does bother you, it might help to try to slow your thoughts down and force yourself to stay in this reality. Mindfulness therapy and meditation can help with that.