A Gift Or a Burden ? Mine Is 144

I sometimes wonder whether it is a gift or a burden. Growing up, the schools kept telling my parents that I was in that "top 2%", so of course growing up in the 1970's, there was no such thing as "encouragement" - it was more like "We do know that you can do better...". So for me, it has become more of a yolk around my neck than a blessing.

Despite being a succesful businessman, musician and contributing writer to several journals, I have never felt that I had "achieved" anything and I think primarily as a result of this number being used as a measure of what I was "supposed" to be.

Being told how bright you are is no compliment, save for anything you have just accomplished.


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2 Responses Mar 5, 2008

turns out south africa was a pretty demanding place. Even if you were white. I knew that I had to make it in Joh'burg before I was 30. What a shallow idiotic town. It's still that way and white entitlement still breeds its own brand of arrogance. My only consolation, ironically, is that my son is a musician. One of the best in the world (ha...ha... old values die hard) <br />
how sad. Nice to meet you.. aangename kennis etc. etc....

i know exactly what you mean