This Is a Pretty Amusing "Thread"

It's evenly divided by folks boasting their own intelligence and others who openly admit their own basic retardation. 
Here's what I have to say to these two groups:  the boasters-- most of you should stop lying.  Your inability to form a coherent sentence is an obvious give away.  And most geniuses don't require the use of a dictionary to enter a three sentence proof of their own genius.
to the idiots:  give yourself a little more credit.  I only call you an idiot because you allow me to  Don't discount yourself. You may, in fact, BE an idiot, but that really is not a thing to be proud of.  You may not have book smarts, but I am willing to bet you have more street smarts and less ineptitude in a social sense.

I refuse to share my I.Q.  I would not want to make you supposed geniuses feel bad.
happyhooker happyhooker
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1 Response Apr 4, 2007

Well, I partly agree and partly disgree with thee.<br />
Of course one shouldn't boast about one's IQ. But remember IQ is not what defines who you are!<br />
Even if you have an incredibly high IQ you might not write in a coherent manner. Many people take high-IQers to be academically immaculate but that isn't always the case!<br />
No matter of what IQ you have you should be proud of yourself; it is obviously true that social abilities are at least as important as IQ, or in my opinion even more important!<br />
<br />
Even if you would say that your IQ is let's say 170, it wouldn't make me feel bad or inferior in any way, everyone should be happy for who they are, and try to make life easy for oneself and others, try to make the best out of one's times; to engage in activities that heightens one's spirit!